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Child pornography crimes are both a federal and state offense, making them very serious and tough to defend. You need a lawyer who has experience in both federal and state courts to ensure that your rights are fully protected. At the Law Offices of Mitchell A. Robinson, P.A., we have advocated for clients in numerous courts across the United States and know what needs to be done to protect your interests in Minnesota.

Minneapolis child pornography defense lawyer Mitchell A. Robinson has nearly 30 years of experience exclusively handling criminal defense matters. Contact our Twin Cities law firm for more information regarding your sex crime defense. You can rely on our dedication, compassion and aggressive courtroom style to benefit your case.

Possession of Child Pornography

Even if you have not been fully charged with the crime of possession of child pornography, but you are under investigation, it is critical to consult with a lawyer. Beginning to build your case sooner rather than later can lead to better results and a possible dismissal of your case.

By investigating your sex crime allegations early on, we are able to minimize the consequences you face. We can interview witnesses to prove that the prosecutor’s accusations are false. We can work with experts in the field to prove that your computer was hacked or that you were not the one downloading or distributing child pornography. No matter what route your case takes, the earlier you contact a skilled criminal defense attorney, the better.

Fighting the Penalties and Other Charges Stemming From the Possession of Child Pornography

Possession of child pornography can lead to an immediate and lengthy prison term, as well as massive fines and permanent registration on the sex offender registry. If other charges such as the distribution of child pornography are added to the prosecution’s case, your penalties increase even more.

At our criminal defense law office, we have helped those in your situation before. We know the steps the prosecution will take, and we work to be one step ahead at all times.

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