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No one wants to be thought of as a thief. Once acquired, the title of thief follows its carrier throughout his or her life.

For an executive, a whiff of scandal can arrest a career. Merely a charge of theft, let alone a conviction, carries the very real potential for a business-crippling scandal. Outside of the business world, theft convictions limit future job prospects, acceptance by schools and organizations, and other opportunities.

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At the Law Offices of Mitchell A. Robinson, P.A., we get results. With nearly 30 years of experience focusing exclusively on criminal defense matters, attorney Mitchell A. Robinson knows that his clients need the best representation their money can buy. Schedule a free initial consultation with our office by contacting us online.

He does not run a criminal defense mill, but gives our clients the attention and the personalized service that their cases require.

“When you work with our law firm, you will be working with me, your attorney, throughout your case. I am fiercely dedicated to returning calls and to keeping the communication open with my clients. I have practiced law for nearly 30 years, I have tried cases in state and federal courts in 14 states, and I have a history of successful case results for my clients.” — Attorney Mitchell A. Robinson

Types of Theft Crimes

We can help you mount a successful defense against all types of theft crime charges, including:

  • White collar theft crimes — theft crimes committed without violence, usually by people of high socioeconomic status, including embezzlement, theft by swindle, fraud and Ponzi schemes
  • Computer-based theft crimes — falsifying information transferred over the Internet to trick people or companies out of their money, including credit card fraud, identity theft and theft by swindle
  • Common theft crimes — the old-fashioned theft crimes that involve physically taking something from someone else, ranging from misdemeanor theft, robbery and criminal damage to property, to federal crimes, felonies and theft crimes involving violence

It is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible, even before you have been charged with a specific crime. There is often a lot that we can do with pre-charge representation, working with the district attorney (DA) or other charging entity to have your charges reduced or dropped before they even bring them against you.

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We focus on collaborative efforts with our clients to reach the best conclusions. We work with you to minimize the damage that a theft arrest could have on your life.

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