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Prescription drug fraud in Minnesota occurs when an individual illegally obtains prescription drugs for his or her own use or for the use of others. This charge is taken very seriously by the prosecution, making it critical to have a skilled criminal defense lawyer in your corner. At the Law Offices of Mitchell A. Robinson, P.A., we have nearly 30 years of legal experience and will use that to help keep you out of jail and minimize the consequences that you face.

Minneapolis defense lawyer Mitchell A. Robinson exclusively handles criminal defense matters, including all types of drug crime cases. He has appeared in both federal and state courts across the country, building an impressive track record of success. Contact our law office to learn how we can assist with your pharmaceutical criminal charges.

Pharmaceutical Fraud Defense

We have the skills to defend you in court no matter what drugs you have been accused of being involved with, including:

  • OxyContin
  • Percocet
  • Vicodin
  • Valium
  • Xanax

Prescription drug theft can carry heavy penalties, from jail time to large fines and other consequences. We will work with you to minimize these consequences and potentially eliminate your charges altogether.

Thorough Investigations to Protect Your Freedom

At our Minnesota law firm, we conduct complete investigations of your charges. From interviewing witnesses to utilizing experts in the field, we work to find all of the evidence that will help you at trial and in negotiations with the prosecution.

You can rely on us to uncover the important details of your drug case while punching holes in the prosecution’s charges.

Contact a Prescription Fraud Defense Attorney

Attorney Robinson will meet with you at a free initial consultation, listen to your situation and provide a fair and honest assessment of your case. To schedule your free initial consultation, either call our Minneapolis drug defense law office at 612-360-2839 or contact us online.