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In Trouble For Violating Probation?

Probation is intended to be an alternative form of sentencing in which the court waives a prison sentence or another penalty for a convicted criminal in exchange for a set of requirements that the person needs to follow.

If you are accused of violating the terms of your probation, or of committing a new, separate crime while on probation, you could face severe penalties. You could lose your probation privileges and have to face the original sentence for the original conviction. You could face entirely new criminal charges as well.

Although the situation might look bleak, there is almost always something we can do to minimize the damage of a probation violation. We can work together to achieve a favorable result.

At John A. Price III, P.A., we can help you minimize the damage of a probation violation accusation. Attorney John Price focuses solely on criminal defense cases and has 25 years of experience, including probation violations cases. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Type 1: Technical Probation Violations

A technical probation violation in Minnesota involves breaking the rules that are set up as part of the probation. This can involve failure to attend required alcohol treatments for DUI, for example, or failure to contact the probation officer within the required time frame.

Type 2: Substantive Probation Violations

Substantive probation violations involve committing an entirely new crime while still on probation for a previous offense. For example, your probation could be revoked if you are found guilty of a new drug offense, an assault or sexual offense, a theft or property crime, or any misdemeanor or felony. Another common scenarios involves the charge of felon in possession of a firearm. After a felony conviction, it is illegal to own or possess guns.

Appeals And Expungements

We also handle criminal appeals and record expungements.

  • If the judge made some kind of error in your case, there is a chance that a higher court could overturn your conviction.
  • We can represent you in an expungement proceeding, which, if successful, would seal your criminal record so most other people and entities are unable to access that information.

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Facing probation violations charges in Minnesota is a serious matter. You need to choose your legal counsel carefully.

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